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Seme Youths Take On MP Over High Rate Of Unemployment

Youths from Seme, Kisumu County are appealing to their leaders and the government to create jobs for them.

The youths claim that majority of them are currently jobless despite their high levels of education.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio, the youths claim that the high rate of joblessness has led to a high rate of insecurity in the area.

“Lack of employment is a big challenge in Arito, seme. The high cost of living has further made life quite unbearable for us hence many resorting to crime,” said Brian Omire.

Some took on their current MP James Nyikal for his sluggishness in creating employment for them and bringing them development.

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They claim that aspiring MPs like Julius Majimaji have even done better by bringing helpful projects like security lights in the area.

“As we appreciate the works of people like Julius Majimaji, we are also asking them to please help youth associations by investing in their projects to help curb joblessness,” said Jush Kanda.

With only less than 34 days to the General Elections, incumbent MP James Nyikal is facing a fierce battle in the parliamentary race from Majimaji an independent candidate and Haggai Kadiri.