Serious Request is an annual Ghetto Radio event at Hilton grounds in Nairobi (Kenya), connecting Kenya to other parts of the world via a social program and a spectacular entertainment set-up. The theme for 2012 was peace during the upcoming general elections.

Serious Request has been running for five years now, always from 19-24th December, just before Christmas. The audience can participate in a live radio show from town centre, as three Ghetto Radio presenters are locked up inside the Glass House and go without food all six days to show their commitment towards the issue addressed.

Serious Request was started in the Netherlands in 2004 and run via 3FM public radio station in cooperation with Red Cross. From then on the format expanded towards Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden. Serious Request reached Kenya – as the first African country – in 2008. Every year in every country three DJ / presenters are locked up for 6 days without food, focusing on a social issue. Over the years issues like refugees / IDPs and malaria have gained a massive amount of attention and annually some $15 Million has been collected via audience and corporate participation.

In 2010 Ghetto Radio had their function at Hilton grounds, dedicating activities to HIV/AIDS. Some 2140 people were tested on HIV on site and thousands of fans were welcomed during the 6-days event. The Nairobi Town Clerk contributed a generous funding to be provided to orphanage homes and a full line up of Kenya’s best artists have been entertaining crowds from early morning till evening.

Serious Request has contributed to a better awareness of several social issues, where last year’s event actually set a Kenyan record on amount of people being tested on HIV in only 6 days.

Serious Request 2013: Fasting Towards Girls Empowerment

Nairobi is gearing up for the festive season with the 6th edition of the annual Serious Request topping the list of popular events guaranteed to attract thousands of audiences from Kenya and beyond. The annual event scheduled for 19-24 December will include six days of fasting by Ghetto Radio presenters Shii, Mary and Lydia who will be locked up in a glass house studio at the Hilton grounds situated at Nairobi CBD, this will demonstrate the stations commitment to girl empowerment. The 2013 event dubbed #SupaDada is dedicated to empowering and celebrating girls and women. Broadcasting the dedicated programming on girls empowerment will be live from the Glass House studio all during the 6 days, with an audience request programming only.

The Serious Request campaign 2013 is aiming to collect 12,000 packets of sanitary towels from the audience, by so enabling 1,000 girls in 2014 to have perfect school attendance.

Girls in Kenya face many struggles with school attendance during their periods, as there is a lack of awareness and social acceptance of the necessity for sanitary towels and hygiene. Ghetto Radio Serious Request will distribute the sanitary towels to several public schools in 2014 to ensure 1,000 girls perfect school attendance and educate the girls and their social environment.

#SupaDada includes additional programming notably, musical events and studio guests who will share untold stories of struggle or success. The event will be aired live via video and audio on several international portals online.

The #SupaDada theme will be geared towards empowering, sharing information and recognizing the vital role of the girl child in the society. The campaign will also create awareness about young adolescent sexual reproductive health with emphasis on education awareness, positive relationships, early pregnancy and abortion. It will also activate the rape agenda by meeting the basic needs of rape survivors in Kenya by involving police stations and hospitals.

Quote Julius Owino (M.D. Ghetto Radio Ltd)
“The dreadful reports on gender based violence that have come to our attention in the recent past via sms, social media and our field reports are key motivations that made us take on women empowerment as the 2013 theme for our annual social cause, Serious Request. This will be our special effort at Ghetto Radio to combat and mitigate violence against women.” #SupaDada will advocate in the same spirit as the global 16 days of activism against gender based violence,’’ said Julius Owino, Ghetto Radio Kenya Managing Director.

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