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Seven People Arrested In Kayole Liquor Stores Raid


Seven people have been arrested and several liters of chang’aa destroyed in Nairobi’s Kayole area following a crackdown on illicit brews by the area chief.

The seven were arrested after Kayole Location Senior Chief Douglas Mogire conducted an impromptu dawn raid on bars and liquor stores operating in contravention of the law.

Mogire says that the decision to conduct the raid came after they noticed that security agents were flaunting guidelines set by the liquor licensing board.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News Mogire stated that many unlicensed liquor stores were operating during working which is against the law.


“I came to realize that in Kayole there are several liquor stores, some selling the outlawed traditional liquor and many unlicensed wines and spirit operating during working hours contrary to the guidelines of the regulating authorities,” Mogire said.

During the raid some clienteles who had locked themselves in one of the liquor stores in order to drink before recommended hours were arrested and several liters of outlawed traditional booze impounded.

“Today I have led my vigilante group to arrest rogue bar operators and in the crackdown we have also impounded illegal narcotics and chang’aa. There are some wines and spirits locking up their clienteles in a room so that they can operate past recommended hours, so we have arrested two who will be arraigned in court tomorrow Monday,” Mogire added.

According to the administrator the sale of narcotics in Kayole has also been so rampant that some defiant drug dealers have gone to the extent of hawking outlawed drags in public.

 “We have come to a unanimous resolution that illegal drug dealers are on notice and we are going to ensure full compliance with regulations governing sales of drugs and in this war we must incorporate members of the public to make it successful,” Mogire stated.

By Rodgers Oduor