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Several injured after rival political groups clash in Lucky Summer

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Several people have been injured and shops broken into following clashes between supporters of aspiring Ruaraka MP Jared Okode alias Defau and an aspiring Lucky Summer MCA known as Ringo.

The two groups met while they were commissioning people to turn out in large numbers and register for voters.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio, Walter Buleti, a resident of the area says that the chaos has left a lot of people injured.

Goons also used the opportunity to break into businesses and stole valuables from people.

“The two groups met at around 11am during the process of mobilizing voters and started to exchange words with each other. In the process a lot of people have been stabbed with knives including a motorist who was left injured. Thieves also took the opportunity to steal from the residents where a lot of phones have been reported stolen. The thieves also took the opportunity to break into people’s shop and take away their goods,” Buleti said.


He further said that those affected by the chaos have recorded their statements and have been issued with OB numbers.

“Those who had been injured and stolen from have recorded a statement at the Lucky Summer Police Post and have been issued with Ob Numbers. This will help the police handle the case as a group case instead of an Individual one. We also request the police to ensure that there is peace in the area to avoid people from losing lives,” Buleti told Ghetto Radio.

Buleti said that the incident has created fear to the area residents and other aspiring candidates for different positions.

“We are now living in fear because if the political violence has started this early then we do not know what to expect when the campaigns officially commence. This will also chase away other aspirants with visions for the area from vying for positions in the constituency,” he added.

Police officers had to intervene the matter by using tear gas to disperse the crowd.



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