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Several Times Uhuru’s Security Has Been Breached By Civilians


There was stand off in Lucky summer yesterday after a man daringly jumped in front of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s vehicle.

The excited civilian caused Uhuru’s motorcade to stop following the security breach.

He was then whisked away by Uhuru’s security detail and police officers in charge of the area.

This is apparently not the first time that Uhuru’s security is being threatened.

Last week in Mombasa, an unknown man approached Uhuru on the podium where he was making his speech.

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The incident scared Uhuru who stepped back and briefly stopped his speech.

The president then murmered, “pole sana kila mtu na mambo yake,”.

In 2015, president Uhuru’s security was again breached after a man identified as Tony Obondo threw shoes at him when he visited Migori.

The man identified as Tonny Obondo would later on die after he was stabbed in a bar brawl.

The incident led to a wide condemnation of the Luo community, forcing governor Okoth Obado to lead a delegation of luo leaders to State House to apologize.