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Sex For Gigs, Sharn The Deejay Shares Her Woes


The world of deejaying is a complex and male dominated industry with only a few women who have mastered their art and made a mark out of it. One of the most sought after city female deejay’s Sharon Saidi popularly known as Sharn The Deejay shared her woes with Ghetto Radio News Team.

The budding disc jockey highlighted the challenges faced by female deejay’s while in their line of duty with sexual exploitation leading the fray in addition to not being appreciated as  a fully-fledged female entertainer.

“Challenges ni mob but I’ll just highlight like two, first of all ile kuget jobs it’s very hard juu you get like most clubs are owned by guys so ukienda kuuliza for work there’s just a lot of stories kuna hizo ma backdoors you have to use do getting jobs is quite hard and also the second one is people not taking you seriously saa zile you’re mixing mtu anakuja anakuuliza ‘are you mixing ama umeeka tu mix?’ as in they don’t give you the recognition they give the male deejays, “She stated.

Journey To Deejaying

Her love for deejaying dates back to her love for music from a tender age.She would listen to music on radio and television and envisioned being part of the entertainment world,a dream that later came to fruition after studying the art at Black Supremacy and Scrack Events.


“My love for music ndio inanipush, it keeps me going i really love music so I wanted to be apart of the music industry and nimepata my niche is in deejaying so yeah ndio maana i keep on pushing even if it’s male dominated lazima nipush and get where i want to be, ” she explained.

The resident deejay at Uptown Local and Jm Lounge in Lavington names her roll model’s as Female Deejay ‘Dj Bee, Dj Redborn, Kingslay and Sami Flinch of Code Black.

She outlined deejaying as a paying venture and appealed for more women to embrace the art. “Do it just do it, ingia do it, if you love music unataka kufanya do it tuko na space enough the cake is big enough for everyone so just come to join we’ll mentor the ones watatupata and yeah just do it ingia ndani,” She further pleaded with aspiring female deejays.

Her future plans includes touring Kenya and the whole world not forgetting venturing into music and video production.

We  ran her interview after coming off from her set at Jm’s Lounge where she entertained alongside seasoned Radio Host Jalang’o and Comedian Fred Omondi – younger brother to Comedian Eric Omondi.

Hail the queen of the desks.


By Steve Osaka