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Sex for free or for money?

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Over the Weekend I was hanging out with my girls at a local joint   catching up, ‘’Mary’  not her real name asked something ‘’Sex for money or sex for free’’?  I was a bit shocked since I did not understand where the conversation was headed

She narrated to us how she visited a club In Nanyuki  where she had gone to visit her friend and when she hit the dance floor a white guy approached her and asked ‘’How much for sex? And she was a bit ashamed coz she felt she was not dressed like the ‘’Ladies of the night’’ .

A  huge percentage of Women or the society at large will always judge the ‘’commercial sex workers’’ on basis of morality  however  in most cases the once judging have multiple sexual partners ,the question is between you who has sex for free and the ‘’ladies of the night who is the loser’’ ? I sought to ask a few ladies on what they thought on the issue.

Lady 1

‘’Depends on who am having sex with, if its someone I love especially my boyfriend then its free sex. However I might be having a well off man who maybe  pays my school fees or a nice house in the leafy Nairobi suburbs  that means he will indirectly or directly pay for sex ‘’


Lady 2

‘’I really wouldn’t  say I charge to have sex with someone, because before I agree to have sex with you it starts with liking you, we become friends and maybe later get between the sheets, but if you classify the treats he gives me before the sex as asking for money then I fall in the category of sex for money ‘’ she says smiling

Lady 3.

‘’All ladies have sex expecting something in return, you might not state it straight forward that you want money but in most scenarios you will always be expecting something in return it’s that simple’’ She said conclusively .

Lady 4.

‘’Never will I Have sex for free, it’s that simple and I do not even hide that and my boyfriend knows about it.

It’s a very debatable issue  that would take centuries to come to a desirable conclusion ,but before you judge anyone who openly  admits to be In the ‘’sex business ‘’ then maybe you should look within  and see which category you fall into.


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