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Sex workers in Kenya want government to legalise sex work


A group of sex workers now want the government to legalize sex work in the country.

The sex workers from the Kenyan Sex Workers Defenders Alliance claim that sex work is just like any other professions that is thousands of women put food on the table.

Led by Grace Kamau of Sex Workers Human Rights Defenders says that they are tired of running and hiding away from the county officers.

 “The Kenyan government needs to legalize sex work in Kenya because the sex workers are working to bring food on the table just like other people. The sex workers are tired of running from the County Police Officers because they make us feel like we are doing the wrong thing,” says Kamau.

Kamau has asked people to stop criminalizing sex work since the women involved in the work are doing so voluntarily.

“We know there is no legal frame work but the issue is people want to demoralize the issue of sex work. Just because I am using a part of my body that people think is a private part people say it is a moral issue. They should just accept that we are doing the work because we choose to do the work ourselves,” added Grace.


Caroline Njoroge has on the other hand has asked police officers to follow the due process of the law once they arrest the sex workers.

“Sex workers are unable to access health care, we need to be assured that when they are arrested they are able to get access to treatment but in Kenya when the sex workers are detained they fall off the cascade of treatment and their human rights are not followed. We also request he government to ask the police officers to follow the due process of the law when the sex workers are arrested,” Njoroge says.

The defenders went ahead and asked journalist to always look for facts when they right their stories so as not to put the sex workers lives at risk.