• The club is set to introduce stricter measures for individuals involved in disruptive behavior
  • The club calls on fans to support the players in the most positive way
  • The club has received a letter from FKF

Shabana Fc has issued a statement addressing the unruly conduct of a section of fans during the clubs  matches.

The clubs says ,It’s been over 3 months since their  promotion back to FKF Premier League

The club referenced a letter received by FKF  where the football managing body has raised concerns about the behaviour of a section of fans during the clubs matches ,both home and Away

Shabana FC  says they are really proud of their devoted team and enthusiastic fan base

In addition the club admits the support they have received has helped sustain the team besides inspiring the players to perform at their highest level

Shabana Fc winger Nehemiah Onchiri in action Photo courtesy


Message to fans

The club  has  called on fans to avoid any form of misbehavior during and after attending matches,

‘’however we must stress that this support must be used in a constructive  and courteous way’’ read the statement partially

The club admits that during the matches feelings can get intense especially during goal celebrations, but they appeal to each fan to keep in mind the principles that guide the team.

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Moving forward

The club says it will be implementing stricter measures to identify and penalize individuals or branches involved in disruptive behavior during their matches.

In conclusion the celebrated football team has called on football enthusiasts  to celebrate the sport they love in the most positive way ,

‘’Lets celebrate the sports we  all loce and support our players in the most positive and uplifting way possible. By doing so we can create an atmosphere that inspires our team and makes every fan proud to be associated with Shabana Fc ‘’ Further  read the state

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