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Shaffie Weru reveals how his friends abandoned him, seeking counsel


By Emmalyne Owuor

Media Personality Shaffie Abdala Weru has revealed how his friends abandoned him after he got fired from Homeboyz radio for allegedly making a sexual slur.

Shaffie says that many people he expected to be with failed to show up when he needed them.

Speaking during an interview with Robert Burale, Shaffie stated that majority of the people he thought would have his back walked away from him.

“It came like a revelation to me in this march madness season that not everyone you break bread with, not everyone you associate with, not everyone you spend your time with will be the same people who are going to come to your aid when you need them,” said Shaffie.

“All my life I have never had a situation that is so tough that I could not be able to handle it by myself,” he said.

The Raverend however says that he holds no grudge against them despite still talking to some of them.

“Majority of the people whom I expected to stand by me and have my back walked away. I am not even judging anyone: my friends, strangers and the haters because the only time you will know your true value and connect with people around you is when you are in a serious problem, that is when you will know who will stand with you,” said Shaffie.

“We should learn and always remember that everyone wants to be with you when everything is good, when it’s all happiness and when everyone is on their right mind,” he narrated.

He however appreciates some of his former colleagues who checked on him. He says his family also stood up with him and counseled him.