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  • The Revelation has prompted worries that the situation may lead to unwanted pregnancies
  • Victims are allegedly frustrating the state’s efforts to build a water tight case against Mackenzie

The State now wants 65 Shakahola cult victims who are key witnesses in the ongoing case against their cult leader Paul Mackenzie to be transferred to the Shimo la Tewa G.K Prison.

In a revelation made by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), through Assistant DPP Yamina Jamii, it has come to light that the victims are engaging in sexual activity at the Shanajad Rescue Centre where they are currently being held.

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This revelation has prompted worries that the situation may lead to unwanted pregnancies and incidents of gender-based violence within the group.

While addressing the Shanzu court, assistant DPP said that if the victims continue to stay together the state might face another serious crisis.

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“The victims have now fully recovered, they are energetic and they have been reported to have sexual intercourse. Most of their time is being spent in this, alongside eating and freely socializing inside their hostels,”

Yamina said.

“We are now seeking for the court to make orders to have all the victims held at the prison to avoid a possible crisis where the State will be forced to deal with even before they are turned into witnesses,”

Victims not cooperating with State

Shockingly, it has been disclosed that the victims are not cooperating with the state, as they have declined to record any statements against Mackenzie.

To maintain control over the situation, Yamina sought orders from senior principal magistrate Joe Ominde to transfer the victims who were rescued at Shakahola forest to the Shimo la Tewa G.K prison.

The proposal is to segregate the victims into female and male cells, where they will be under constant supervision.

This decision is aimed at curbing the sexual activity and ensuring the safety of the victims while they remain in custody.

The hearing for the case is scheduled for July 31 2023.

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