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Shakilla responds to being kicked out of her Kilimani house

Kenyan socialite Shakilla has responded to claims that she was kicked out of her house in Kilimani by her roommate over unpaid debts.

The videos going round show the socialite looking stranded outside the apartment in Kilimani.

According to the socialite, the viral video of her is an old video of her standing outside the apartment.

She went ahead and questioned if the person sharing the video to bloggers was paid or whether he/she gained anything.

“I do not know how taking pictures and videos of people about a year ago and posting them right now to bloggers will help you, have they paid you for anything or have they given you a shout out on the page, they cut off you name, you do not benefit anything from me,” Shakilla said.

Shakilla also accused Kenyans for not supporting their local celebrities yet expecting much from them.

“I am going to benefit something if you post me, people wanna see who am I, like who is this girl. Kenyans do not really appreciate celebrities or like influencers or public figures. You are the one spoiling their names and still the same people asking where are our people,” she added.

By: Emmaline Owuor