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Shalom Hospital On The Spot After Bandage Is Found In Woman’s Uterus

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Shalom Hospital is once again on the spot after a man shared how the hospital doctors left a bandage in his wife’s uterus after a caeserian surgery conducted at the hospital in February.

The man by the name Moses narrated how his wife developed complications two weeks after delivery at the hospital.

according to Moses, his wife experienced severe pains and vomit and had to be rushed back to Shallom Hospital at night.

“I took her back to the hospital at night, first aid was done and he was discharged same night…After two days pains came back  again back to shallom..i pleaded with the medic by the name Sam at the emergency section that night to admit her for some days for them to monitor her healing process, he was arrogant and refused ” narrated Moses.

But persistence from Moses prompted the medicas to conduct further tests which revealed that the lady was suffering from H-Pylori hence the severe pains in the abdomen.

She was given a dose but the pains came back a few days later.

“After 4 days remember ako kwa doz ya hpyloric n painkillers…pains came back took her to KNH n she was admited for 4 days but the tests showed nothing hence no solution was found,” he further narrated.

At KNH a minor surgery was done to remove some puss that had formed in the wounds. She was later discharged and Moses took the wife to the rural area for a breath of fresh air only for the pain to return after two weeks.

She was then rushed at a local hospital where a scan and an x ray conducted revealed that there was something inside the stomach.

“She was scheduled for a surgery after 2 days n remember the minor surgery to remove puss was 2 weeks old….a major surgery was done n a large piece of bandage was removed it had damage her intestines,” he stated.

Shalom Hospital had been closed following the medical scandals that have happened at the hospital, the latest one being the death of an eight month old baby.

The hospital was however opened this week under unclear circumstances.


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