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Sharon Otieno’s family opts for private pathologist amid rape allegations

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The family of slain university student Sharon Otieno have said they will not set a burial date until they receive the autopsy results.

The family aslo said they have opted for a private pathologist whol they are yet to reveal.

This comes after a team  of homicide police investigating the murder said they are contemplating taking DNA samples of her unborn baby for the postmortem.

Sharon had a seven months pregnancy when she was killed.

“We are following all leads, including claims that Sharon could have been involved with Obado,” DCI officer Hassan Siyad said in a sworn affidavit

Sharon’s mother Melida Otieno said on Wednesday that her daughter was in a relationship with governor Obado, She said the governor had sent money to facilitate her abortion to which Sharon refused.

Police also said that the slain second year student could have been raped and totured before she was killed.

An officer involved in the investigation yesterday said that used condoms were found at the scene the murder.
“We found four used condoms and a pool of blood at the scene,”

Police said they were hot on the trail of three people suspected to have been involved in the kidnapping and murder of the student.

Other sources indicated the search for the suspects had spread to Nairobi, where some of the culprits were believed to be hiding.

The family has also asked Kenyans to respect their space and the deceased’s memory as they try to get to the bottom of the matter.


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