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She Died Shortly After Husband Took These Beautiful Photos (Pics)


photoPopular photographer Joe Makeni is a sad man after loosing beautiful wife-Njeri on February 10th.

According to the photographer who is known as Joe Makeni of Frontlite Photography , his pregnant wife was hospitalized in Kijabe Hospital after being diagnosed with hypocalcemia, a condition that made it hard for her to walk. After three days in the hospital, she was later transferred to Nairobi for more detailed treatment of the disease. Being a caring and loving husband, Joe visited the hospital and used to spend most of his time around his wife while taking pictures of her during the the period she was admitted.

Little did he know that the unmerciful claws of death would painfully whisk her soul as he watched. After her demise, Joe shared her last pictures in the hospital bed where death dealt him a big blow,” reported a local tabloid.

The smile on this beautiful woman erases the reality that she died shortly after. Our condolences to Joe Makeni and Family. Sleep Well smiley Njeri.

Check out her last moment as shared by the husband shortly after she passed on;