Jamaican Dancehall star Shenseea can finally breathe a sigh of relief from her recent stop at the doctor’s,  where she made the visit fully expecting to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, she received no such news.

Through a video shared by the singer on her social media pages she explained how relieved she was after the results from her screening came back negative.

“Came to the doctor thinking that I was gonna find out that I had cancer in breast but… he said it’s just a part of my breast. Thank God, thank God.”

The Blessed singer who appeared visibly relieved, can be observed in the short video wearing a hospital gown as she films in what appears to be an examination room.

Some social media users came in unison to celebrate Shenseea’s relief while there were some, however, who believed the video post was a stunt by the beauty to get attention.

Others also thought that she is trying to mask what they believe may be a hint that she will be getting a boob job.

Though there were complaints that the star was oversharing, this incident isn’t the first time the singer would be making fans privy to personal medical issues.

Late last year, Shenseea announced her withdrawal from her much anticipated Revolt Summit debut in Atlanta and other scheduled shows because of an undisclosed medical illness.

She later disclosed that she recovered from “hematoma”—a condition that occurs when large blood vessels are damaged and leak, resulting in pain and swelling.

In the meantime, with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the scare by Shenseea is a timely reminder for at-risk individuals to get screened.



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