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“ She’s just bitter I left her” Colonel Mustapha fires back at Noti Flow


Days after his ex girlfriend made damning allegations about his sexuality, former Deux Vulture member Colonel Mustapha has fired back shots.

According to Mustapha, Noti Flow is just bitter because he dumped her well over two months ago.

The former singer argues that it is funny, the lass only realized that he is gay two months after they parted ways.

“I dated her for two years. You want to tell me that for the two years I was with her, it is only the other day she came to know I am gay? Noti Flow is bitter that I left her two months ago.” He said

According to Mustapha he called off their relationship after the rapper cheated on him with a white man.

“I have valid reasons as to why I ended my relationship with her. I wouldn´t want to reveal much, but I can say she started seeing a white man behind my back.My mum came to know about it and advised me to be careful with her.” He added

Last week, Noti Flow made headlines after claiming former Nairobi Diaries actor Trap King chrome was right when he said Mustapha was gay.

Noti Flow even insisted that she had no idea where Mustapha lives throughout their relationship but recently found  out that he lives with his boyfriend in Utawala.

“You guys @trapkingcrome was right. Mustafa is gay and he lives with his boyfriend in Utawala! Fake ass Muslim,” she wrote online