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Shock as commercial sex workers ply trade with their children


A section of women have now resorted to practice commercial sex work in broad daylight in Nairobi’s Kamukunji area.

An investigation carried by Ghetto Radio reporter revealed skimpily dressed women parking on the streets in a bid to attract their clients.

To utter shock, some of the sex workers were plying their trade with their children in hand, openly bargaining with their clients.

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They however claim that once they get their clients, they leave their children somewhere at the lodging as they service their clients.

We managed to interview some of the commercial sex workers on anonymity many of whom who claim to be married say it was desperation and due to lack of jobs which forced them to prostitution.

Residents of this popular trading center now blame landlords for the current predicament alleging they are reluctant in renting out business stalls favoring lodgings as they are more profitable.

They want the government to crack down on the said lodgings which are approximately 10 in number as the area is now slowly developing into a prostitution den.