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  • Shock as Jay Melody quits music.
  • Jay Melody is one of the biggest exploits of bongo music after having his breakthrough.
  • He’s also a gifted writer who has composed songs for other artists like Nandy and Willy Paul among others.

Bongo sensation Jay Melody has sent shockwaves in the entertainment industry with an announcement that he’s quitting music.

Taking to his Instagram stories, the mellow voiced singer shared the new development without delving much on the reason behind it.

“I quit music” read a statement from the singer followed by an amen emoji.

Fans Reactions

Netizens were taken aback by his decision as many continue to speculate on what could have transpired.

Others have also termed the move a clout chasing bid with another section terming it a ‘trying moment’.

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We camped on social media and sampled a few of the reactions below.

“I hope he’s okay, it gets dark sometimes, sending him love”

“Akuje tumfunze kupiga kiki”

“Kuna vienyeji sasa watakosa mistari”

“Alianguka PUUUH!”

“Mistari zimeisha nini”

“Alinifanya nipende bongo”

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The Rise Of Jay Melody

Before Jay Melody got his biggest break, he used to compose songs for other artists since he’s a gifted writer.

He’s behind Nandy’s smash hit “Kivuruge” and Willy Paul’s, Hallelujah and “Njiwa” a collaborative piece with Nandy among many others.

However, the song that gave him great recognition was “Nakupenda” produced barely a year ago.

To date, the song has remained to be one of the biggest hits as far as bongo flava is concerned.

His follow up songs whether solo or collaborations have all turned to gold.

A good example is Puuh with Billnass done 10 months ago with 10M views on You Tube and still counting.

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In one of his recent interviews, Jay Melody revealed visiting a witchdoctor together with his friends also artists in order to get their breaks in music.

However, he later sought the help of an Ustadh(Muslim preacher) in cleansing him from the dark world.

Now, the biggest question is why would a man who wanted to become a star so badly to the extent of seeking dark powers quit music after having quite a good run in the shortest time.




December 14, 2023

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