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Shock as man confesses to using dog and frog meat to make samosas, muturas

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Residents of Kayole in Soweto, were left in shock after a butcher in the area confessed to using dog and frog meat to prepare samosas and muturas.

The man was cornered by angry residents as he transported the meat on a motorbike.

The contents of the meat box then sprawled all over the ground revealing the contents of the box that contained dead dogs and frogs.

“The price of beef are expensive and I can hardly afford, yet I have to survive,” he said.

The angry residents then frog matched him to the police station.

A few years ago another man was also arrested in Kayole for selling the outlawed meat.

The man shocked the residents when he confessed to using frog and dog meat to make his muturas and samosas.

Ndung’u stated that he gets the frogs from a nearby swamp while he gets the dead dogs killed by over speeding vehicles  from the roads.

Residents say that a  young boy sounded an alarm against Ndung’u after he found him skinning a dead dog behind his house.

 “The boy had hurriedly jumped into the butcher’s backyard to collect a football that had strayed out of the field of play, when he chanced upon him skinning a dog and cutting it into pieces,” said a resident.


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