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  • According to reports from both police and hospital management, Mohammed had been rushed to the hospital in a private car.
  • Abdalla Mohammed shot himself dead as he was waiting to be treated.

Panic and shock gripped a hospital in Nairobi’s South B area this is after a patient waiting for treatment shot himself dead.

It is alleged Abdalla Mohammed who was a licensed gun holder shot himself dead yesterday February 26 as he was waiting to be treated.

According to reports from the police and the hospitals management, Mohammed had been rushed to the hospital in a private car.

However when he reached there, the hospital seemed slow in responding to him as they were busy looking for the drugs needed for his treatment as they were not available at the moment but the delay seemed to annoy the patient hence decided to kill himself instead.

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Witnesses recounted how Mohammed who seemed angry began making frantic phone calls before suddenly drawing a pistol and shooting himself in the chin.

Mohammed’s driver who had accompanied him to the hospital rushed out of the car to seek help when the incident happened.

The vehicle sustained damage from the bullet, indicating that Mohammed was still been inside the car while awaiting treatment.

Mohammed died while being treated by the Hospital.

Kenyatta Hospital Incident

Last year in March 2023 a patient also committed suicide by jumping from a seventh floor ward at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

The patient had been admitted to ward 7B on the seventh floor when he jumped to the ground and died on the spot in the middle of the night when most patients were already asleep.

It is not the first incident at the hospital as it alleged that many patients have died in such a manner with increased calls for measures to be taken to address the trend.

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February 27, 2024

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