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Shocking Luo Traditions Hampering Rescue Operations Of Drowned Musicians


LAKE-VICTORIA-TRAGEDYDivers managing the rescue operation of the nine musicians who drowned in Lake Victoria on Saturday have complained of the local traditions as one of the biggest challenges they are facing in the rescue operation.

Operations like making the person who found the body tie it to the shore instead of calling for support are some of the hindrances the the divers are raising concern about.

Here are some of the traditions that the area locals are observing following the death of the musicians.


1.The four who survived the tragedy that occurred in Lake Victoria on Saturday night were not allowed to go home but spend the cold night on the beach as tradition dictates.

2. As the search of the nine members of the band who perished continued, the survivors the bodies recovered will however stay on the shore of the lake until the remaining eight bodies are found, in line with local traditions.

3. no one is allowed to cry before all the bodies are retrieved for fear of “barring the remaining bodies from being found”.

4. When one dies in the lake, his or her family members camp at the spot until the body is retrieved. This takes between three days and one week depending on whether the one who drowned was in good terms with the family.

5. In case one bumps into a body in the lake or on the shore, traditions require that you look for a rope and tie it on the shore before informing members of the family. If one fails to do so, this might haunt him or her forever, unless some rituals are performed. The person is required to accompany the bereaved family to their home where a goat or a chicken is given for cleansing.

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