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  • Shorn Arwa the most stylish you tuber in Kenya.
  • As a victim for assault, Shorn advocates for women empowerment through her channel.
  • Shorn Arwa went viral during corona period and still goes viral for criticizing people’s outfits during events.

The Most Stylish You tuber Shorn Arwa

Shorn Arwa, popularly known by her name Shorn Arwa is a fashion and lifestyle influencer.

She is well known for her glamorous lifestyle and successful marriage to a Nigerian man.

On her social media platforms, Shorn insists that she is allergic to poverty.

Shorn Arwa in Stylish Dresses PHOTO Courtesy

Shorn has a YouTube channel where she talks about her fancy lifestyle and fashion .She posts herself going to expensive vacations .

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She wears designer apparels and does fascinating make up. She is said to be the most stylish you tuber.

She advocates for women empowerment through her videos.This is because she is a victim of sexual assault which happened when she was in high school.

Shorn Arwa Goes Viral For Criticizing Fashion Choices Kenyan Celebrities Rock

Shorn Arwa has always been criticizing fashion choices Kenyan celebrities rocked during events. This is what has played a major role in her fame.

This started most especially after the launch of Fenty in the country. Fashion influence r Shorn Arwa humorously criticized all celebrities who failed to impress at the launch of the Fenty beauty line owned by superstar Rihanna.

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She didn’t stop but she came out again after the Wakanda launch event in Kenya. She criticized some and congratulated others like Mungai Eve. She said Eve had improved and whoever had been defeated by Eve should work on their fashion.

Shorn Arwa PHOTO Courtesy

However, the main reason for her prominence was during the corona virus when she posted a video lamenting the woes of slay queens because their sponsors were too busy with their wives to support them.

Shorn Arwa Happily Married To a Tycoon

Shorn Arwa is married to a Nigerian man and they have a child together. During an interview, Shorn said that she liked keeping her things private. This explains why being a celebrity she is, she was able to hide the whole pregnancy journey.

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The husband is so rich and keeps spoiling Shorn with expensive gifts like Tessla car and many others. This made people to come at Shorn saying she married him for the money.

Shorn Arwa Gifted a BMW weeks after Being Bought a Tessla PHOTO Courtesy

However, she cleared the air and insisted that she married him because he was loving and providing. She also confessed to have married broke men before.

By Harriet Wambui

September 21, 2023

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