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  • Kenya’s matatu culture always seems to captivate the locals but also the global audience.
  • For this reason Kenyan content creator Shorn Arwa has made a trip back to the country to experience some of the new rides gracing the matatu culture scene.
  • The influencer flew all the way from London to Kenya to satisfy her craving for a matatu ride.

Kenyan fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer Shorn Arwa has proved that one can really go out of their way to satisfy  their cravings be it of food or an activity they are longing for.

The mother of one has shocked netizens following her recent updates on her Instagram page, where she can be seen sharing the updates of her scheduled trip all the way from London to Kenya just to satisfy her longing for riding on a matatu!

Having boarded a matatu almost ten years ago and relocating to the UK, Shorn could just not sit around and go any longer without having a taste of the modern and improved matatus.

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Shorn Arwa’s Last Matatu Ride

“A little story time ❤️ I was on tiktok the other day and I saw something about how Kenya has very beautiful matatus Instantly I started craving matatu ride 😂 it’s been almost 10 years manze.” She starts off her update.


In the company of her husband, she can be seen getting her luggage labelled and checking in at the airport.

Moments before boarding her flight, Shorn also finds the reason behind her trip back home ridiculous saying, ” At this point I was questioning myself 😂 ati naenda Kenya kupanda matatu 😂.”

After the hours long flight, Shorn Arwa was glad to finally touch the Kenyan soil during the early hours of today morning and she is really looking forward to having a matatu ride later on in the evening.

“So got here this morning very exhausted and there was no matatu 😭 Maybe kesho ama jioni I will go matatu driving 💕.”

Which Matatu cruising your route would you suggest for Shorn to have her first ride on after almost 10 years?

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