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7:00 am - 11:00 am


This is a syndicated social justice program packaged with conscious reggae music. It airs every Saturday from 6 to 11am. Through its main feature live mtaani, a spotlight on community grass root issues, the show amplifies the voices and experiences of people living in informal settlements offering solutions as anchored on our constitution as rights and through resource persons. The show is informative, engaging and entertaining. Host Edgar the Liberator Edgar is a well-known community enthusiast and social justice activist. In his free time you will find him navigating the ghettos interacting with social justice issues. His love for conscious reggae music is evident on the playlist selections. Co-host Kelvin Washiori also known as DJ Kevo Devoke, He is a DJ with preference on reggae who brings on board a fresh and progressive viewpoint. He represents the dynamism of the urban youth passionate about their rights and thirsty for information. He enhances relatability of social justice agenda to the ordinary minds.

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