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In Summary

  • Inspectorate officers clamps down MCAs vehicles
  • MCAs storm the Parking Department
  • MCAs forced to pick their vehicles at a fee

There was a drama at City Hall between Parking Offices and parking officials following the impoundment of MCAs vehicles.

Parking officers from City Hall allegedly impounded vehicles that were parked around Cityhall Building.

The impoundment happened and the vehicles taken to the general store despite MCAs revealing their identities to the officers.

Disgruntled, the MCAs stormed the parking department demanding answers.

“We are not ready to be bullied and to be disrespected by  the inspectorate under Sakaja administration… We are leaders and respect is paramount… These vehicles have stickers allowing them to be packed anywhere if that can’t be seen by  kanjo then Sakaja must tell us why this is happening.” Hon Swaka of Gatina ward said.

“The constant harassment by the inspectorate team to the hon members is wanting and I want to appeal to the governor to have his officers respect MCAs. It’s shameful clamping and impounding the MCAs vehicles even after identifying themselves. This must come to an end because if they can mistreat us this way  what about the ordinary mwananchi down there who has  no place to run to,” Abisalom Odhiambo of Korogocho Ward lamented.

They have called on the executive to provide them with designated area for parking and disciplinary action taken against those officers who were involved.

“Something must be done because MCAs are losing their dignity in this administration,” Maurice Ochieng’ Mountain View Ward MCA said.

Meanwhile the vehicles that were impounded have been released with some MCAs paying Ksh. 5,000 impoundment fee.

Blame Games

Parking director Fredrick Ndunyu on the other hand absolved himself from the blame saying that the impoundment was done by inspectorate and that he did not instruct any officer to impound MCAs vehicles.

“They stormed my office with that complain but I can assure them that I did not send any officer let them talk to Inspectorate team,” Ndunyu said.

By Allan Otieno


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