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  • Shusha Nyavu reggae version explodes.
  • The song is originally done by Tanzanian gospel powerhouse, Christina Shusho. Already word has been sent out to her over the remarkable piece of art which needs her attention.
  • The artist behind the reggae version is none other than  father and son, Michael Bundi and his son Fayez.

Shusha Nyavu reggae version by father and son, Michael Bundi and Fayez has exploded within hours of its release with the original creator, Christina Susho being sought for affirmation.

Taking to his Instagram, Bundi shared a snippet of the new piece of work.

“Father(Michael Bundi) & Son(@fayezace) perform “Shusha Nyavu” by @christinashusho(Reggae Cover)” he captioned.

Tanzanian gospel star, Christina Shusho PHOTO Courtesy


Have You Heard This, Shusho?

The moment former Tanzanian beauty queen and entrepreneur, Wema Sepetu set her ears on the reggae version, she reached out to Christina Shusho letting her know of its existence with the sole intention of giving credit where it’s due.

However, by the time of coming up with this publication, Shusho’s notification was yet to yield.

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Bundi’s commentary has since flooded with congratulatory messages.

We sampled a few below.

“Come see this my Dada…@christinashusho” shot wema sepetu.

“Oh my also Fayez” wrote talia oyando with fire emojis.

“Maad cover”

“Amazingly beautiful”

The reggae version of Susha Nyavu is available on Fayez Bundi’s channel and is already gaining traction.

Bundi kicks off his singing with Fayez having brief appearances on which he delivers effortlessly.

Fayez appears so meek with missing front teeth.

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The young man doesn’t let that stand in his way as he sings his heart out with his signature smile planted on his face.

The video is also simple and ideal for family. The beautiful set consisting superb seats with flowers on showcase gives it a calm and soothing aura.

The song itself is meant to energize people whenever facing adversities. In one of her interview’s, Shusho revealed that she wrote the song briefly after the Covid-19  pandemic with God nudging her to keep going.





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