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  • Her respond came after some people took to Social Media asking her to persuade her dad to organize demonstration across the country.
  • This is just after a day when the government released new charges on the issuance of ID and other citizenship fees within the country.

East African Legislative Assembly Member of Parliament Winnie Odinga has blasted a Kenyan who told her to persuade her father ODM leader Raila Odinga to call for protests.

Through her X account,she replied to Steve Kiptoo to leave his dad alone.

”Si ulimtuma Bondo?Achana na Babangu.”She replied.

This comes after the government just release new charges to the Kenyan Citizens.

Below are some of the reactions from X users who replied to Winnie Odinga;

”Kila mtu atoe babake sasa…tuachane na mababa za watu.”@DUNCANVICTOR2

”Hapa ni kuambiana ukweli tu.”@MrRightke


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Raila Odinga with his daughter EALA MP Winnie Odinga: Photo Courtesy

”Hard tackle…But mbona asiambie babake aandamane.”@KivungiP

”Chogo tell them waachane na Baba yetu kabisa .Waache atulie Bondo kwa upole.”@Lazooj

”Baba aitishe Maandamano ama aendelee kunyamaza kabisa.”@kijanaYaa

”Sisi tuko adopted kwa hii familia..Ni Baba yetu wote.”@geoffsirumba

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Reasons for calling for maandamano

The main reason for the reactions of Kenyan Citizens were brought up by the new charges released yesterday as follows;

A 50-page ordinary passport will now cost applicants Ksh.9,500 from the existing Ksh.6,000 while the application fee for a 66-page ordinary passport has shot up by Ksh.5,000 to Ksh.12,500.

Replacing a lost passport will cost Ksh.20,000, an increase of Ksh.8,000 from the previous fee while replacing a valid mutilated passport will cost Ksh.20,000 from Ksh.10,000

Acquiring Citizenship by marriage will now cause you Ksh.100,000 which was initially Ksh.30,000 and many other more.

The increases sparked sharp reactions on social media as some Kenyans demanded the need to have demos to force the government to rescind the decision.

President Ruto is expected to address the above issues while addressing the nation today.

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