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  • Elizabeth Merab breathed her last after a long battle with sickle cell disease.
  • She had undergone an amputation on her leg stemming from sickle cell complications.
  • She was a trained teacher majoring in English and Literature.

The media fraternity thrown into mourning following the demise of award-winning journalist, Elizabeth Merab.

Merab breathed her last after a long battle with sickle cell disease.

Earlier this year, she underwent an amputation on her leg after it was established that it risked causing fatal clots.

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Merab silent battle with Sickle Cell

She was a gifted writer and a well-grounded journalist. Her last article in the Daily Nation ‘Blow as research on sickle cell cure discontinued’ was published in March.

Little did she know that the same condition she wrote about and so much battled with valor, would ultimately take her down less than four months later.

For over twenty years, Elizabeth Merab has endured sickle-cell anemia and its attendant pain. She did so with grace, gratitude, and laughter. She was diagnosed with Sickle Cell at 10 years old.

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Unless you followed her constantly shuttling between home and hospital seeking medical care, you’d barely know that Merab was grappling with one of the most painful, exhausting, and burrowing chronic conditions.

As a journalist, she mobilized words with so much ease, weaving out deep, insightful news stories, features, and in-depth analysis.

She was never afraid to poke holes and pose fundamental questions about the country’s general healthcare infrastructure choking under the weight of mismanagement, lethargy, negligence, and little research.

The biggest inspiration I drew from Merab was her intellect wrapped in grit and perseverance. That despite the excruciating pain, she continuously inked her papers and still found time to socialize and visit the doctor.

Global Universal Health Award

Elizabeth Merab (left) receives award for her contribution to health journalism across Africa 2021. Presenting the award is Lizz Ntonjira, the Global Communication Director at Amref Health Africa. PHOTO Courtesy

Her proudest moment was when she was announced the 2021 winner of the prestigious Global Universal Health Coverage award alongside the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Ghebreyesus for her impactful reporting on healthcare issues in the country.

Merab was full of life, bubbly, and a free spirit. To the media fraternity, she was an award-winning health and science journalist; she was an outgoing soul; She endured her pain with humor , as the laughter about it was on another level.

Elizabeth Merab wrote well enough to earn the trust of analytical readers. In a nation that reads newspapers less and less, hers were the columns and articles one could read with unguarded trust because she researched well and wrote carefully. A beautiful soul and a weaver of words to the doctors, she was a constant patient. To all of us, she was a good and amazing person.

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Her good command of the queens language can be attributed to her background as a teacher.

She was a trained teacher an alumni of Kenyatta University where she majored in English and Literature.

She graduated in 2014 and joined the Nation Media Group in 2016 where she cemented her authority as a passionate and dedicated journalist.

Yesterday, Elizabeth Merab breathed her last. My heartfelt condolences to the Nation Media Group and the entire media industry for losing such an industrious journalist. May she rest in peace.

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