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Signs That Your Child Is Undergoing Radicalisation

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Parents have been urged to monitor behavior change in their children as it could be a sign for radicalization.

Sheikh Ramadhana Alula a Muslim cleric says parents need to watch out for death rhetorics, heroe worship, criminality and most of all isolation.

Alula says while some of these could be adolescence signs, majority is related to radicalization.

Alula has further called for unity among religious institutions and the community to fight extremism.

Gitahi Kanyeki an AP attached to IG’s office under Internal Affairs says a big number of radicalized youths had presented themselves to the police following the amnesty call by the government in 2015.

Kanyeki who could not reveal the figures citing security reasons says the most of the youth suffered massive trauma following torture they had undergone.

He says the amnesty call is still on and is urging youth to present themselves to the county commissioners for help.




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