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Simon Kabu Goes On Vacation Amidst Breakup Rumors

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Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu is currently on a vacation in Mombasa with his two kids amidst breakup rumours with wife Sarah Kabu.

Kabu has however confessed to missing his wife Sarah who is apparently missing in action.

“Right now I am feeling low I am alone here. Sarah uko wapi, where are you, I wish Sarah could be here experiencing this. You see now breakfast I am taking alone. Enjoying the school holidays in coastal with the cubs after being in Paris for close to 2 weeks. Had missed them a lot. Coast hot but cool,” Simon Kabu said.

Kabu’s confessions come just a few hours after screen shots of Sarah’s lamentations on how her children were forcefully taken from her.

 “To all the police out there…never receive a bribe at the expense of a child losing their mother. Very very heartbreaking, you will pay with the tears of that child in the hands of strangers. The law knows why children should be with the mother,” Sarah said.

She went ahead and explained that she cannot be in a toxic marriage to save the family business or name.

“For those who may not understand am done and dusted with him and thus why he took off with my kids under the care of one of his b***rds. Wah, this is Kenya! Again money has changed hands and my kids have been handed over to strangers plus their father. Can someone wake me up I am not dreaming, how can you be forced to be in a toxic marriage because we are couple goals and to protect our business and its dependents at the cost of my life?” she added.

The two have been all over social media showing love to each other with Sarah Kabu saying that only death could separate them.

By Emmaline Owuor



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