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Singer Akothee makes her first born Director at her tour company

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Controversial singer Akothee may always make headlines for her funny clips and clapbacks on social media but she has constantly proven that her for her kids she goes all out.

Akothee on Saturday June 9th announced that she was making her first born daughter Vesha Shillan a Director at her tour company, Akothee safaris.

Vesha also got 40% shares at the company as her 21st birthday gift from her mother.

The singer also gave her daughter relationship advice in one of the funniest posts on Instagram.

“on your 19th birthday I got you a car , on your 21st birthday gave you 40%shares on Akothee safaris, so you can pay your bills & fuel your car , oya I can promise you the world my darling but discipline is key , that’s what made you steal my heart! I can’t promise you a husband I don’t have one too , I also fell in bad hands before ??? am just guessing & trying to make ends meet, take your time let nobody rush you ! You don’t owe me children or a husband. Even at 50 I will never ask why you ain’t married, any man who disrespect you should be dumped like some hot pan, never allow any man to dictate your happiness , you deserve to be loved . I love you & happy birthday CEO @akotheesafaris DIRECTOR @veshashaillan I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH.” She wrote

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