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Singer Akothee Receives A Brand New Machine From Her Husband To Be for Being Pregnant (Picture)

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akotheenairobian090115Singer Akothee’s husband to be decided to buy her a an expensive car for baby number six.. Really? How lucky is she?

Well, Kenya’s richest female singer Akothee is a lucky lady after her fiancee bought her a brand new Ferrari for getting pregnant with her sixth baby.

Akothee revealed the good news to her fans calling the Ferrari a billionaire toy that she will be driving to the clinic in her shags Rakwaro.

It is however not clear whether the big billionaire toy is really hers considering the picture was taken in South Africa where she was last week.

This is what she posted;

Haaaaaa ona toy ya kutupeleka clinic, chaiìiii huyu toto amekuja na mabakuli, sir God akujalie mumme wangu shukran sanaaa‪#‎billionairetoys‬, shugulikia makaratasi nikai park ‪#‎Rongospar‬, tutaenda rakwaro clinic kwa sister ,last time I checked it was 50 Bob, 20 ya card na 30 ya sindano, sai sijui ni ngapi, nani ana habari ?

Check Out The Toy;akothee ferrari

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