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  • Anjella shares her photo while selling charcoal revealing that she won’t give up on her musical dream
  • She’s been silent ever since partying ways with Harmonize led Konde Gang Worldwide
  • Rumours are that she’s preparing to drop her new music from Ali Kiba’s label,Kings Music

Former Konde Gang’s first lady, Anjella has stated that she won’t give up on her musical dream.

Taking to her Instagram,Anjella shared her photo while selling charcoal indicating that she’s going through a tumultuous period but won’t give up easily.

“Mziki kwangu mi ulikuaga ndoto na sikuitimiza kwa kulala napitia nyingi changamoto yote kuukimbia ufukara 🤨 bado sijakata tamaa” wrote Anjella

Fans Reactions

Anjella’s post drew many thoughts as fans gave her hope to trudge on and never look back.

We sampled a few below;

“Kung’uta vumbi alafu hatua za kishujaa ziendelee mwanangu” fired one fan.

“Marufuku kukata tamaa 🤨🔥” shot another fan.

“May God give you the power and strength of hustling and succeed in your goals ” flew another comment.

“Keep pushing up one day you’ll be who you was dreaming to bee 😥❤️”appeared another comment.

Her Flag Flew Higher At Konde Gang

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Konde Gang Boss,Harmonize signed Anjella to his label after her video’s doing cover songs went viral.

On joining Konde Gang,Anjella was depicted as the next big thing in bongo flava and truly she didn’t disappoint.

Her works are all evident from Kioo, Nobody and Kama just to mention but a few which amassed more than a million views on YouTube and still counting.

As fate would have it,She left Konde Gang with Harmonize citing a hand from outside forces.

Her exodus came at a time a few of the signed artists like Country Wizzy,Killy and Cheed also exited Konde Gang.

Anjella left Konde Gang when Harmonize was yet to fulfill his promise of flying her to India for a corrective surgery on her leg which has a deformity.

After her exit from Konde Gang, the gifted singer has been quiet for sometime now.

Earlier in the year she collaborated on a song with Madini dubbed, Tunapendana which never yielded much success.

And now, word on the streets is that the lass is preparing something big from Ali Kiba’s label,Kings Music.

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