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Singer Arrow Bwoy’s new flame unveiled


Kenyan singer Arrow Bwoy may just have a new flame in his life and it is a very well known lady.

The singer recently featured former Blu3 member Jackie Chandiru in his song ‘The one’

The song which premiered on Youtube two days ago clearly showcased the chemistry between the two artistes.

During a recent interview in a local radio station, Arrow Bwoy revealed that he has shared some moments with the Ugandan singer who is currently in the country.

Chandiru on the other hand said she personally hunted down Arrow Bwoy because she is a huge fan of his work.

“I came here before the Covid lockdown and decided to work with some artistes since I am already here…He (Arrow Boy) is a nice person. I personally hunted him down…I have been his fan,” Jackie confessed.

Arrow Boy then went ahead to say he has always admired Jackie and her singing. He further said that he would often visit her at her current Nairobi residence admitting that they have been meeting regularly to discuss ‘issues’.

The Ugandan singer also revealed that she has fully recovered from drug addiction following her confinement in a rehab last year.

“Yes. It is true. Those were not allegations. The truth is that I was given a drug prescription and the particular drug was strong. I was even warned about it being addictive. This messed me up but now I have recovered,” she said.