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Singer Avril Comes Clean About Her Pregnancy Rumours


avrilAre you bored and afraid of losing relevance? Do you think the bloggers have ignored you? Then follow Avril’s antics and maybe you just might get a few hits to keep you circulating.

The sultry singer Avril  who has been drowning in irrelevance took to her social media accounts to post a photo heavily suggesting that she was pregnant. Her caption even cockier. The photo of her with an all swollen belly said

‘’That awesome moment when you start showing.’’

She let the internet run with her insinuations and after she had fed enough from the attention, she has now come out to clarify that it was indeed a prank on her fans and that she is not pregnant. She was seen perfoming in various events over the weekend with a tummy as flat as an iron(save for the few love handles).

As tabloids circulated her  photo it almost became a fact that Avril was expectant. But as it turns out, the photo might be from one of the series she was acting in and she chose to have fun with it. Or did her mother instincts get stirred?

One of her posts read

‘’Okay okay okay….enough with the ‘you’re glowing messages’. Going through my comments, articles and my messages like ?????????? ……. what a fun afternoon..’’ She posted after.

The lengths at which kenyan celebs go to stay famous!!!!

Mukami Kanyi