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Singer Avril left speechless after critic’s harsh comment


Kenyan singer Avril was left shocked beyond words after receiving the mother of all shades from a young critic.

The critic said Avril needs to evolve her music arguing that her style has remained the same.

“Avril Siku hizi  ameisha, atulie KEJANI achunge mtoto wake. (These days Avril is past her prime, she should stay at home and take care of her child.” He said

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The young man went on to criticize Avril’s new song ‘Kitoko’ saying the song’s visuals are off.

“Yes I’ve listened to it but haijaninice. Visuals ziko inje. If I was the one who produced it, I would have done better. the audio isn’t good as well. She still sings as she used to sing way back , we’re in 2019! Your time is over. Stay at home and take care of your child. Pave way for upcoming artistes. This is my sincere opinion, I’m not hating. I’m only stating facts.” He said

Suprisingly, the singer was seated behind her critic throughout the interview and when the young man turned around and saw her, he was obviously shocked but did not say anything else.