Singer Avril’s ex-boyfriend takes a public HIV test after break-up

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avril's bf2Kenyans were shocked yesterday after Avril’s former South African boyfriend Muga decided to perform a self home HIV test a fortnight after breaking up with the ‘Chokoza’ songstress.

As anyone would anyone would easily and mistakenly judge the action,many thought he did that because of the breakup.

However, it turned that Muga did that because of a friend he recently lost to HIV/AIDs.

Lost a friend recently who passed on due to Aids he was in denial and refused to get medication so decided to check my status,” Muga captioned the photo.

“I share this coz i feel its important for one to get tested and know their status and possibly prevent infecting others without u or them knowing or mother to child transmission. Get tested know your status remember a positive result is not a death sentence but an opportunity to live healthier and enjoy life positively,” he captioned the photo bearing the test kit reading negative.

Muga and Avril have been dating for more than two years and their breakup shocked many as it was unforseen though the relationship was a long distance one.

Muga is a successful millionaire who runs a number of business in and out of South Africa.

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