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Singer Chameleone’s Wife Refutes Claims Of Ditching Him

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Ugandan Musician Chameleone’s wife has denied claims that she is divorcing him.

Daniella refuted claims by a Ugandan tabloid that she had gone to court to file for divorce.

“Those are lies, I have never filled any divorce papers and I have no intentions of divorcing my husband,” she said.

According to a Ugandan tabloid, Daniella had filled a suit before Nakawa Court in April on grounds of domestic violence.

The suit also alleged that Chameleone had resorted to heavy drinking.

The singer however, denied the allegations and took to Facebook to share his side of the story. 

 “I am a Catholic and I don’t believe in divorce, those who wrote about my wife Daniella filing for divorce are those that don’t want to see me triumph in life. We might be having family issues, but we solve them in the house rather than taking it to the public because family business is not public business,” he wrote.

The couple celebrated their ninth year anniversary on June a few days ago.

“My wife is not divorcing me and we have just celebrated our anniversary,” said Chameleone.



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