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Singer Eko Dydda released from KMTC quarantine center

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Gospel singer Eko Dydda has been released from the quarantine center at KMTC after spending three days at the facility.

According to activist Boniface Mwangi, the singer was allowed to go home on Tuesday evening.

“Eko Dydda was released today. Thank you to everyone who worked behind the scenes to ensure he was released. Let’s make it the norm, to call out injustices when they happen. To the good people in government who did the right thing, we appreciate you too,” Boniface Mwangi wrote on twitter

The singer was placed in forced quarantine on Saturday April 18th for violating curfew rules.

According to the singer, he was out to buy his wife blood pressure medication when his car broke down.

Sources say he was arrested at around 7:10 PM when he arrived at a roadblock after his car was made.

At the facility, the singer cried out on the condition of the facility and how all who are quarantined at the facility are at risk of contracting the virus.

“It feels like they brought us here to get infected. There is no testing going on at the facilities despite being taken in on grounds of violating the curfew. It’s actually a punishment, those guys made it clear to us that hii ni fimbo Serekali inawachapa kwa kugeuka sheria. We are actually being punished, they said that, because even the way we are being treated, hakuna respect and there is no even asking Question, we are being treated like we are patient already, like criminals. Yaani ukishikwa for whatever reasons utaletwa quarantine,” said Eko Dydda


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