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Singer Habida Maloney declared cancer free


Kenyan singer Habida Maloney has every reason to smile after she was declared cancer free.

The singer recently made headlines after revealing that she recently discovered that she has a lump in her breast and went to get tested.

While sharing the recent update with her fans, Habida revealed that she has been declared cancer free.

“I don’t have cancer! I’ve got my result! And it’s a fantastic “negative” result for cancer! I have had moments of fear, moments of faith, crying moments at the thought of death because of my children and then moments of confidence that god can do all things! I realised that it’s only in moments of crisis do we prepare! I need god in all facets of my life! I need to prepare myself for trials in life because they will come. Why did i have to see death as a real potential before i choose to live? Why can’t we choose life and life more abundantly because that’s gods will for us? I hope this instigates a thought in you about how you live,” she said

She further added that she was worried her children would grow up without her.

“I was worried my children would grow up without a mother. I was fearful for the pain, for the process.. I mean fear gripped me for a minute. Cancer is a scary disease.” She added