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  • Ibraah is not seeing eye to eye with Harmonize feud that is yet to be public.
  • Harmonize yet to react on the matter.

Konde Gang first Signee Ibraah who has been a darling to Harmonize is on his way out of the record label.
Ibraah no longer accompany Harmonize to any event and according to sources his music release has been curtailed by the Konde Gang management.

Ibraah has since distance himself from Harmonize doing his own staff.
Another born of contention is how Konde Gang is using a lot of resource to only taking of Harmonize.

“Konde Gang ni Konde Gang Iko na members kama 40 ama hamsini na kitu ilioko hawako kwa mkataba …sio wa wamakonde.lakini naamini wakati upo na mashabiki wangu wafuatilie kwa karibu japo isilazimishwe,” Ibraah told the media as he try to dodge speculations that he is actually not seeing eye to eye with Harmonize.

“I know many would wish to know about my next move that’s not my focused right now but of course I will clear the air at the correct time.Konde Gang is a work place not an ethnic den so anything can happen. I have a contract and am obligated to it but will disclose more later. What we must also put clear is that we have challenges everywhere and it must be known even in Konde Gang there are challenges.” Ibraah told Tanzanian media.
Meanwhile Harmonize has remained mum on the issue despite the growing diconnect.

Harmonize and Cheed Feud

After terminating contract of his signee Cheed, Harmonize was faulted for issuing oppressive contacts to his artists.
Cheed accused Harmonize of paying him little has he reap big fortune on him.

“After they terminated our contracts, we wanted to know why they did that and so, we went to seek heldp from Basata, National Arts Council.The contract says if you terminate the contract as an artiste, you are supposed to pay the record label Tsh 1 billion (Ksh 58 million) but if the management terminates the contract, they will pay you Tsh 10 million (Ksh 581,000),” he said.

Cheed said the national arts council said that was unfair and he was to receive 5.8million.

“They wanted their cars back. And we wanted to take the right channels so we asked for help from Basata, because the cars are owned by the company and were part of the contract. But there was a certain small clause that said if you sign a contract with Harmonize Entertainment, all rights will be the company’s,” Cheed said.

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