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Singer Josh Manio and TV host girlfriend part ways


Singer Manio popularly known as Josh from the pop group Amos and Josh has parted ways with his girlfriend Maerlyne Chepchumba.

The couple who share a Youtube vlog dubbed ‘Ordinary Folks’ seems to have deleted all the content that they hosted together.

The break up rumor was further fueled by a recent vlog where Merlyne, a TV host and producer, hosted alone and revealed that she will be working on the project alone.

In the video, Merlyne said that she will be doing the weekly vlogs alone unlike a while back where the two jointly featured.

“Ordinary Folk is still there but moving forward you will be seeing more of me alone and I still hope that the support will be the same, everything will be the same,” she said.

The TV girl also revealed that she will no longer be sharing their daughter Anaya, on social media as they have been doing.