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Singer Mr Eazy Says its easy to bag millions for shows in Kenya


For the longest time Kenyan artistes have complained of being sidelined when international artistes perform in Kenya.

The highlight has always been on how Kenyan artistes are paid peanuts when they curtain raise or international artistes.

Nigerian singer Mr. Eazy just seems to have rubbed salt on the injury if his recent sentiments are anything to go by.

On a recent interview, the singer says East African countries pay west African artistes so well no wonder they always prefer gigs in East Africa.

The singer stressed that back home they don’t get that much adding that Kenya and Gambia pays the most.

He openly confessed how easy it was to walk into Kenya and get paid KSh 10 million for a single show, contrary to how it is back in his home country Nigeria.

”East Africa is arguably the most receptive spot for music. In East Africa, they listen to hip-hop, they listen to their local music, they also listen to music from the West of Africa, they listen to pop. So in recent times, asides from when I do festivals or branded shows in the UK or wherever.Nobody is going to pay you $100,000 in Nigeria to do a show, or even $60,000 to come and jump on stage for a set. But you can easily get that money by walking into Kenya or walking into Gambia.” He said

His sentiments comes just a day after Kenyan singer Naiboi aired his frustrations on how Kenyan artistes are treated when they grace the same stage with international artistes.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio Chit Chat, Naiboi said he has been forced to cancel gigs after promoters offered to pay him peanuts compared to the international artiste he was to curtain raise for.

“In 2018  I was forced to turn down a promoter for Wizkid’s gig in Nakuru. He said he only had ksh.80,000 to offer,me while Wizkid was getting millions from the gig. Is it that Kenyan artistes are not worth millions?” he said

Naiboi urged artistes not to settle for less in the name of publicity for performing on the same stage with international artistes.