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Singer says Producer J Blessing ditched her after impregnating her


Veteran music producer J Blessing is once again the topic of discussion after a popular singer exposed him as a deadbeat dad.

Singer Malaika popularly known as Laika recently revealed that she dated the veteran producer for some time but the relationship ended when he became pregnant.

“I was in a relationship with J Blessing but he left me. I was hurt, so I took a break.” she revealed

The singer also revealed that J Blessing does not help in their child’s upbringing.

”Yes, he denied the pregnancy, I do not like talking about this issue. He helped for a while after the delivery but for now he does not do anything,” she added.

Recently gospel star Bahati accused Jblessing of being  a lethal  cheater adding that Blessing is the only one who scares him when it comes to men who can steal Marua from him.

J Blessing has for some time also been rumored to be singer Avril’s baby daddy.

In June, Laika for the first time revealed that she quit music because of postpartum depression.

“I got depressed after giving birth and I felt like I was under a lot of pressure. I most definitely needed a break,” she said

The singer relocated to Mombasa after the birth of her daughter Dahlia and went under before things finally opened up for her.