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Singer Vivian falls out with Hubby over Video with Naiboi


Singer Vivian Kenya is having trouble with her Hubby Sam West over an intimate scene in her upcoming video featuring NaiBoi and Sauti sol’s Savara.

According to screenshots doing rounds Sam West the singer’s to re-edit the clip because of an intimate part between Naiboi and Vivian in the new Video titled “Cheza Chini” before its released.

“Guys I like the video but there are some parts I am not comfortable about. I don´t like this part where Naiboi is holding Vivian so closely. Kindly delete it before you release,” wrote Sam

The singer’s tried to calm down the irrate Sam West down with Naboi saying it is just chemistry for the song.

“Lakini Sam you should know this is what people want to see. People want to see Chemistry, between Wasanii” Wrote Naiboi

Savara also tried to talk to Naiboi and Vivian to remove the intimate part.

“Vivian Ongea na Sam. Lazima watu waskizane”. Lakini kuongea ukweli Naiboi and Vivian hiyo clip yenyu ni intimate sana”. Wrote Savara

Following the conversation however it seems Vivian and the singer’s are just trying to hype the song before it’s release.

Vivian shared the screenshots online asking her fans for advice.

“I didn’t want to share these screenshots between   and  here but I felt that I had to because I just don’t know what to do.In my upcoming video there is an intimate part between myself and Naiboi and Sam is not happy about it. Should we edit it or just leave it before we release?” she wrote