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Singer Willy Paul Denies dating bongo sensation Nandy


By Annette Amondi

Controversial singer Willy Paul has for the first time opened up about the rumor that he is dating Nandy.

Willy Paul and Nandy coloborated  on ‘Njiwa’ and their fans have been convinced that the two are an item.

Speaking at an interview, Pozee said aside from working together the two are not an item.

“Kuna a group people that walikuwa wananizuia kuingia Tanzania but then God akaleta Nandy through na tukafanya song sahii inaelekea 10 million views so tunashukuru mungu sana kwa njiwa. Other than that hakuna kitu inaendelea kati yangu na yeye. Mimi na yeye ni kama ndugu na dada,” he said

Willy Paul also refuted claims that he beat up any woman days after a video of him beating a woman went viral.

Willy Paul first said that it was a snippet from his reality show but now he says that all he did was smash her phone.