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Victor Wambua or Siren On The Beat as he is known by his artistic name fell in love with the art of music production from just watching another music producer do his thing in the studio and from that a talented record label owner and a great producer was born.

Siren’s initial path was to specialize in Information Technology after sitting for his KCSE exam in 2019 but he fell in love with music production along the way and decided to stick to that path instead.

The vibrant young man hailing from Starehe area near Majengo reveals that once his interest in production grew, he used to go to Rongai daily to watch and learn from his mentor who once produced a hit for him.

How Siren On The Beat Grew His Talent

“I’m a self-taught music producer. Nilijifunza through kuangalia. Wes aliniproducia ngoma yangu ya kwanza nikiwa msanii na aliproduce hio ngoma na passion flani hadi nikakuwa interested. Akili yangu haikuwa kwa music hata ju nilikuwa naspecialize kwa IT.”

Since production is also a handy work, once Siren felt like he was ready to put his skills into practice he requested to be equipped with the needed software so that he could have solo practice sessions when he headed back home.

“Just from watching daily, nikawekewa software. Ikakuwa nikishatoka kwake nakam home najifunza. Sikuwa nabahatisha, nilikuwa naenda Rongai daily.”

Why the name Big Foot Productions

The name of the Siren’s record label was inspired by how most people believed in him and he proved to be such a talented young producer through most of the projects he has worked on.

“Big Foot ilikam ju wasee wengi sana huniaminia venye mi hustep na venye nasonga…sasa unapata nkajiona bado mlittle but nakanyaga kubwa kubwa kimaendeleo hence the name Big Foot Productions.”

If you would love to work with Siren On The Beat you would only have to part with Ksh.7000 for a recording session at his studios located at his home.

The young producer has so far worked with Gengetone artists and groups such as Ethic,Mbogi Genje,Breeder LW, Maandy and Mejja.

Buruklyn Boyz are top on the list of artists he would love to work with in the future.

By Stella Anyango


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