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  • The accident involved vehicles heading opposite directions
  • Matatu driver died on the spot while lorry driver fled the scene
  • Weatherman urge motorists to take precaution as heavy rain is expected

Six people died in a road accident after a matatu collided with a lorry Ngata area along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway earlier today.

The incident have been confirmed by Nakuru County Police commander Sammy Ndanyi stating that the 11-seater matatu was heading to Nairobi from Kitale town when it rammed into the lorry heading the opposite direction.

Mr Ndanyi in preliminary report stated that the driver of the lorry lost control and veered off the road,hitting on coming matatu

“The accident happened at around 3.30am,we have lost the driver of the matatu on the spot,the driver of the lorry fled the scene after the accident.

He added that the police was clearing the scene to ensure seamless flow of traffic.

Tips to help drive safely in Rainy Weather

A driver attempt to navigate a flooded road PHOTO:COURTESY

As weatherman warns of heavy downpours that is expected to extend to the month of January next year, here are some of the safety precaution to help the drivers navigate during rainy season.

Ensure Your Car Is in Working Order

Inspect your vehicle’s tires, headlights, windshield wipers, and taillights and make sure they’re working correctly before you drive in rainy weather.
Wait Until the Weather Improves Before Driving
Driving in the rain is very difficult. In addition, rain reduces visibility, thereby increasing your likelihood of being involved in an accident. Therefore, it is always advisable to wait for the weather to settle down before hitting the road.
Maintain a Safe Distance Between Cars
When driving in rainy conditions, it’s advisable to keep a considerable distance from other vehicles. Maintaining a safe distance from cars ahead of you allows you to brake early with reduced force and avoid running the cars ahead if they halt abruptly.
Turn Your Headlight On
Having your headlights on when it’s raining increases your visibility and allows other drivers to see you. However, keep your hazards off. Using your hazards when driving can confuse other drivers. You should generally only use the hazard lights when the car is stopped.
Slow Down and Avoid Heavy Braking
Wet roads are extremely dangerous—they can make your tires lose traction and easily lose control of your vehicle. It is, therefore, important to reduce your speed and stick to the speed limit once it begins to rain.
Use Your Windshield Wipers
Ensure you repair your windshield wipers before the rainy season. This will keep them in excellent condition and prolong their service life. If it starts raining while you’re driving, turn the wipers on.

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