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Six Students Affected By Fire at Jamhuri High School Treated

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Six students who were taken to hospital after fire broke out Jamhuri High School have been released after treatment.

The fire razed down a 300 student dormitory capacity at night when students were in class for evening preps.

Principal Secretary for Basic Education Julius Juan says the six shocked students were given inhalers and brought back to school after medical examination.

“The parents I want to confirm to you that your children are safe we have already identified mattresses and other bedding that they will use. Students were contained in the football pitch, there is no child who is injured, there is no child who is hurt. The fire started in the dormitory when they were already in preps.. I have no reason as parent to lie to you that they are safe if they are not…When we had a similar incident at Buruburu and some learners were injured we explained that this number has been taken to hospital. There are six children who are asthmatic. They got shocked not that they were injured, they have been given inhalers and are already back.” Juan told parents.


Detectives from DCI headquarters have taken up the matter to unravel the cause of the fire and those responsible.

Dr. Juan said that the government has invested heavily in the construction of school infrastructure, adding that it will not meet the cost of reconstructing destroyed institutions from acts of arson.

“We have asked the principals to engage learners and try to understand what issues are affecting them,” he said.

Dr Jwan said a comprehensive report looking at the history of school fires and possible causes would be released this week week.

“It’s a collective responsibility of the ministry, parents, political leaders and the society,” he said, adding that the situation should not be blamed on the congested curriculum as schools have been burned in the past.




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